About Us

The Official Mathematics Undergraduate Club of the University of Arizona

MathCats is the University of Arizona's club for students interested in mathematics. Students meet to share their experiences, help each other succeed, and engage in interesting mathematical discussions. If you would like to attend our meetings, please fill out the contact form below or just show up to a meeting!

For the fall 2021 semester, our meetings will be held on Wednesdays from 5-6:00pm in ENR2 room S395.


MathCats Officers

Get to Know Us


Ethan Morgan


I am a double major in mathematics and physics, with a comprehensive emphasis in math. In my free time I enjoy playing and listening to music, reading, backpacking, cycling, and drinking a great deal of tea. I was not actually all that interested in math at first, but after studying a lot of really compelling material and enjoying my math courses much more than I expected to, I have gotten to the point where I am equally fascinated by both of my major areas of study.


Arjun Nigam

Vice President

I am a junior pursuing a major in mathematics with a comprehensive emphasis. Math has always been my favorite subject and I am interested in many different fields within mathematics. Over the past two years, I have started focusing on topics in algebra. Apart from math, I like playing video games, watching anime, and reading.


Naomi Nguyen


I am a double major in math and computer science. Besides solving math problems, I enjoy making a mess in the kitchen with new recipes, cuddling with my cats, and taking spontaneous road trips with my friends. My interests in math started to grow when I found a solution to a geometry problem after spending days working on it. Afterwards, I was fortunate enough to have great teachers and professors, who has inspired me to pursue my education in math!


Kyran (Kai) Soriano

Technology Officer

I study physics and mathematics, with a comprehensive emphasis on math. My interest in mathematics sparked when I started watching online educational content creators like 3Blue1Brown and Up and Atom. My exposure to amazing teachers and professors inspired me to pursue my research in what makes an online education video effective.