Welcome to MathCats

We are the University of Arizona's (U of A) undergraduate mathematics club! We host weekly meetings in which we discuss math courses at the U of A, receive talks from faculty and professionals, and engage in social events. We are also part of a refugee tutoring program at a local high school and participate in the U of A book fair. In the past we have done outreach programs through local libraries and schools, but COVID has somewhat complicated things. Please see the tutoring and outreach page for more information as it becomes available. 

It is our belief that math is one of the most beautiful, powerful, and egalitarian subjects to have ever been the object of human study. To succeed in math, all one needs is a willingness to learn and a healthy curiosity. We hope to show this is indeed the case and nurture a love of math within our community. If you are not a math major, or even if you currently hate math, we urge you to come to one of our meetings! Math is a canvas, you can paint whatever you like, and perhaps even make a very beautiful picture of your own. Often times we are presented a picture and told that is all there is, but this is not the case. Wonderful insights lie waiting for those who are willing and curious enough to pursue them. If you give us the chance, we will give you a brush, a canvas, and show you how to paint. 

Officer Bios


Ari Bormanis 


I am a math major in the comprehensive emphasis with a computer science minor. In my free time I enjoy martial arts such as MMA, BJJ, and Kickboxing, as well as, playing video games, watching YouTube, reading, and math! I first got into math when a stumbled across a video by 3Blue1Brown on the Riemann Hypothesis. Prior to this, I disliked math and was planning on becoming a lawyer! I am very fortunate I found that video right before college.


I am a math major in the comprehensive emphasis with an an adolescents, community, and education minor. My hobbies include: writing, watching Stargate, and playing Pokemon! I got into math because of my dad, who used to be a physics instructor at Pima, and my boyfriend, who's a graduate student in the math department!

I am a double major in math and physiology, with a comprehensive emphasis in math. I enjoy motorcycling, visiting coffee shops, watching surgery on youtube, hiking, yoga, board games, and creating art. I got into math because I found it fun and it relieved a lot of stress from growing up/coming of age, so I kept taking one math class after another. I think taking math day by day and having fun with it is key!

Ashley Garber 

Vice President

Madison Delmoe