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Clever Title for Second Blog Post

Hey everyone! There wasn't a whole lot to write about last week since we pretty much hung out and played games the whole time, so here we are now with the second post. To you avid visitors, I sincerely apologize for the short hiatus.

Weekly Meeting Recap

We had our first guest speaker of the year yesterday! Chapman Howard, a mathematics graduate student, came and did a presentation on three important fields of math (field theory, measure theory, and topology) and their relevance to an important paper that he is currently working through. There were a lot of really interesting ideas discussed in the talk. Here are some links to resources about some of them that were mentioned.

  • The Cantor Set

  • σ-algebra

  • Lebesgue integration, which came up during the discussion of measure theory. A different approach to integrals than you're probably familiar with.

  • The Millennium Prize Problems, seven math problems that you will be awarded $1,000,000 for solving. To date, only one (the Poincaré conjecture) has been cracked.

  • A short biography of Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman, the man who proved the Poincaré conjecture. Highlights include: "Fields Medal and Millennium Prize", "Possible withdrawal from mathematics", and "Perelman and the media".

  • "You are disturbing me. I am picking mushrooms." - Grigori Perelman, mushroom enthusiast

Some Random Stuff

  • Music Recommendation: Wayne Shorter - Speak No Evil

  • My personal favorite album by Wayne Shorter, who is one of the greatest saxophonists of all time in this correspondent's opinion. There's not a single track to be found here that isn't amazing. It also has Herbie Hancock on it, which is just another reason that it's hard to beat. Probably my eighth favorite album that I listened to for the first time this year (and the top-ranked jazz album out of those). Also, I tried to look up his height to see how appropriate his last name is but this information was, surprisingly, unavailable.

  • xkcd, the webcomic that I mentioned during the "random item of the week" portion of the presentation. Highly recommended reading for any mathematically & scientifically inclined individuals who like fun.

  • Amusing Video: Brahan's Books, an early YouTube classic

  • Significant Video: David Lynch on Cooking Quinoa. 'Nuff said.

This is pretty much all I can think of right now, but if you guys have any other suggestions for segments I could add to this or any other segment of the blog, let me know! Keep an eye out for the next problem set, which should be dropping tomorrow.

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