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Hey everyone! Before we get in to the usual blog stuff, here is a picture from the hike we did a few weeks ago.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up. Also thanks for not taking the time at the falls to test your cliff diving skills. I think we all really enjoyed this, so there will be more outdoor club excursions coming at you in future weeks!

Weekly Meeting Recap & Next Week

The main focus of this week's meeting was the pigeonhole principle, a seemingly simple idea that can actually be a very useful tool for certain types of proofs. Its Wikipedia page has some good examples of that sort of problem as well as some other statements of the underlying idea if you want to check those out. There will be a few related questions in this week's problem set as well!

Another thing that we talked about is the Erickson Elementary math and science night that we have been invited to later this month (specifically November 30, 17:00-16:30). This is a really cool outreach opportunity for us to go spread some mathematical enthusiasm around. I have other commitments that evening so unfortunately I will be unable to attend. With that in mind, get in touch with Arjun if you're interested or have any ideas!

At next week's meeting we will have our second guest speaker of the semester, Dr. David Glickenstein! Dr. Glickenstein is a professor of mathematics and the head of our mathematics graduate program. As such the focus of the talk will mostly be about graduate school but there should be plenty of time for questions & discussion about other things too.

Some Random Stuff

  • Music Recommendation: J.S. Bach, "Prelude and Fugue in A Minor, BWV 543"

  • I am a huge sucker for Bach organ pieces and I think this one might just be my favorite. It may have been composed sometime in the early 1700s but I think it still sounds remarkably fresh and interesting. I'm partial to the Karl Richter recording but I bet there are lots of other good ones out there.

  • Amusing Video: Fish Hunt

  • These fish have legs and these fish can run.

And finally, one more hike photo.

See you guys next week!

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