• Ari Bormanis

Update for week of 9/21/2020

Hey everyone!

This week we learned the dark power multiplying by one, explored the esoteric philosophy of "study sprints", and highlighted Math 413 (proof based linear algebra)! We then went into groups to meet other people in similar math classes and ended with an exploration of survivorship bias.

Next week we will have another course highlight and a talk/Q&A from Dr. Christina Durón! Dr. Durón is in the Mathematical Biology and Statistics research groups at the U of A. Her research is focused on network theory and network analysis, and she has applied this to problems like determining what genes lead to certain types of cancers.

Please come to our meeting next week and support Dr. Durón! She is an excellent teacher and researcher. I am certain her talk will have something for everyone. For more information about Dr. Durón and her work please see her website: https://cduron.info/.

See you all there!